I. Origin

1.) Date colony was founded by the English:
2.) What Native American and European groups could be found in your colony?

3.) List 3 interesting and/or important events in the history of the colony



II. Geography (colonial times)

1.) What colonies border the colony?

2.) Describe the climate:

3.) Major cities/towns:

4.)Major physical features (landforms, rivers, bays, etc.):

III. Colonial Culture (PERSIA)-

Use the PERSIA acronym to describe the culture of your colony. Remember culture is the sum total of a group’s ways of living.

1.) P=Political

a.) Who was in charge of your colony when the English took over?

2.) E=Economic

a.) How did your colony accumulate wealth (list crops and industries)?

3.) R=Religion

a.) What religious institutions (churches) dominated your colony?

4.) S=Society

a.) What jobs were available in your colony? Who were the upper class,
middle class, and lower class people?

5.) I=Intellectual

a.) Where did children learn? List college(s) founded in your colony?

6.) A=Artistic Expression

a.) What famous people were associated with your colony?